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Niagara’s health and community leaders encourage residents to seek out reliable information on COVID-19 vaccines

Niagara’s health care, public health and community leaders are taking to social media to encourage everyone in our community to get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines.
In recent weeks, Niagara Health has seen a dramatic increase in the strain placed on its critical care capacity due to the third wave of COVID-19 infections. Encouraging as many people as possible to get vaccinated is key to controlling infections and relieving the pressure on our hospital system.   
Leaders from Niagara Health and Niagara’s Community Coordination Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination have created a series of short videos that answer common questions and misconceptions about the vaccine, including:
  • Can I get the virus from the vaccine?
  • Why should I get a vaccine?
  • Should I get the vaccine if I’m pregnant or have health complications?
The videos can be viewed on YouTube, or through Niagara Region and Niagara Health’s social media channels, and more will be added in the coming weeks.
The videos compliment a host of frequently-asked-questions, information, and other resources available on Niagara Region Public Health’s website. Residents and community leaders are encouraged create their short videos using the hashtag #VaccinateNiagara sharing their own vaccination experiences to encourage their own family, friends and neighbours to seek out reliable sources of information on the vaccine, and make informed decisions.
As of May 13, over 208,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, thanks to collaborative efforts between Niagara Region Public Health and Niagara Health, as well as pharmacies and doctor’s offices across the region.
In addition to getting vaccinated, it’s never been more important to continue following public health guidelines and provincial regulations to help stop the spread of infection. Practice physical distancing and avoid gathering with anyone outside your own household. Only go out for essential trips, wear a mask in all public places, and practice good hand hygiene.


"We are beginning to see case numbers decline in Niagara however our ICUs are still under serious pressure and we need everyone’s support to get this third wave behind us. We have lived experience from countries like the U.K., where vaccinations and public health measures are starting to bear fruit. We will get there too and soon. We all have a responsibility to remain vigilant with masking, physical distancing, hand washing, staying home and getting vaccinated."
~ Dr. Karim Ali, Director, Division of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, and Emergency Preparedness Lead for Niagara Health
"“People understandably have many questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, and there are many misconceptions that might deter people from the getting the vaccine. One reason Niagara’s Community Coordination Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination was formed is to encourage and facilitate the sharing of reliable information and expert advice about vaccines, a task our members have taken to enthusiastically. I’d like to encourage others to join us in this campaign and make a real dent in vaccine hesitancy."
~ Dr. David Dec, Chair, Community Coordination Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination

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