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Niagara Region Public Health COVID-19 vaccination clinics open at Brock University and Lincoln Community Centre

Niagara Region Public Health is looking forward to a busy day as clinic doors opened at Brock University and Lincoln Community Centre today.
It’s important to note that Niagara Region Public Health COVID-19 vaccination clinics will continue to be open during the provincewide shutdown.
The Public Health clinic at Brock University is open today through April 6. For those residents with appointments booked at Brock:
  • The clinic is located in the Ian D. Beddis Gymnasium on the main level of the Walker Complex
  • Free parking is available for the clinic in lots B, D and P
  • There is lots of signage on-site directing people to the clinic
  • St. Catharines transit will be providing a special shuttle service, running throughout clinic hours, that will travel a continuous loop between the bus stop at Brock Tower, the clinic parking in lots B, D, and P, as well as the clinic entrance and exit
  • There is also a drop off spot just outside of the clinic entrance
COVID-19 vaccine standby list for Niagara residents 65+
A standby list for Niagara Region Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics has now been launched for eligible Niagara residents.
The public-facing form has been created to help fill the standby list that is used when there are extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at the end of each clinic day. Currently residents who are 65 years of age or older (born in 1956 or earlier), and can get to a vaccine clinic within 30 minutes, are invited to fill out the form and pre-register for the standby list. If you are 70 years of age or older and haven't yet been able to book an appointment through the provincial portal, please consider registering online for our standby list. Those signing up can choose up to three clinic locations that they may be contacted for if an appointment opens up at one of the clinics.
The form is not a booking tool and, as such, appointments will only be offered if unused doses are available.
Identification will be checked to ensure eligibility, and Niagara Region Public Health will filter based on age and first come first serve.
Residents are asked not to sign up if they already have an appointment, and still encouraged to book an appointment through the provincial booking system or through a pharmacy if they are eligible, as those on the standby list are not guaranteed to get a vaccine.  
At the end of each scheduled clinic day, there may be a small number of remaining doses of vaccine for many different reasons (e.g. no shows, extra doses drawn from vials). Niagara Region Public Health has been administering these doses to already identified and prioritized individuals, and is now ready to open this list up to more eligible residents. 
·       To date, 77,984 total doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to Niagara residents
·       Niagara Region Public Health has administered 23,192 of those doses
As always, the most up-to-date and timely information about COVID-19 and Public Health vaccination efforts can be found on our vaccination webpage.

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