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Niagara Region’s drinking water treatment plants exceed expectations with 100 per cent rating from Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Niagara Region’s six water treatment facilities have obtained a 100 per cent rating from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks during its 2020-2021 inspections. A 100 per cent rating demonstrates the Region’s commitment to go above and beyond the multi-barrier, health-based drinking water quality standards mandated by the province. The results were presented to Niagara Region’s Public Works Committee on March 9.

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks inspects water treatment facilities annually to ensure compliance with provincial regulations. The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks calculates its inspection ratings based on the number of areas where a system is non-compliant. An inspection rating of less than 100 per cent does not mean the drinking water is unsafe but shows where a system’s operations can improve.

In addition to water quality monitoring, these inspections look at various aspects of water operations including reporting, record keeping, and certification. Delivering safe and reliable drinking water and efficient service delivery is at the forefront of daily operations for both the Region and your area municipality.

Striving to maintain this above-average rating each year ensures residents receive the highest quality drinking water each and every day. This is achieved by the continuous improvement efforts by all staff in the water-wastewater division. In Ontario, typically around 70 per cent of municipal drinking water systems receive a 100 per cent rating.

Each year, the Region produces water quality reports and makes them available to the public on our website.  Visit our website to learn more about tap water in Niagara and to view annual drinking water quality reports.

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