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Regional Council appoints CAO recruitment committee members

As part of the approved process to hire a permanent Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), at its Dec. 17 meeting, Regional Council voted to appoint four members, who will join the Regional Chair on the CAO recruitment committee:

Councillor Rob Foster (Town of Lincoln)
Councillor Diana Huson (Town of Pelham)
Mayor Wayne Redekop (Town of Fort Erie)
Councillor Albert Witteveen (Township of West Lincoln)
Members of the committee hold extensive responsibilities, including the selection and engagement of an external executive search firm to assist with the hiring process, engaging in the development of selection criteria, stakeholder engagement, approval of testing and evaluation criteria, conducting interviews, and finally, making a recommendation on a preferred candidate to Regional Council.
The updated CAO hiring process incorporates numerous recommendations made by the Provincial Ombudsman that were designed to strengthen the integrity of the process. To this end, committee members, as well as all Regional staff taking part in the process, are required to sign a formal confidentiality acknowledgement, and hold in strict confidence all matters discussed by the committee.
As approved by council, members of the committee are required to actively participate in the process and are expected to make attendance a top priority. Members who miss any candidate interview will be deemed to have resigned from the committee, and any member who misses two consecutive meetings will also have resigned his or her seat.
The first meeting of the committee is expected to take place in January, 2020. As part of the recruitment process, the committee will be providing regular updates to the balance of council and the public.
It is anticipated that the hiring process will take between four and six months to complete.


Daryl Barnhart
Niagara Region

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