Niagara Region removes curbside leaf and yard waste limits

Effective Monday, May 25, curbside leaf and yard waste limits will be removed for single-family homes and apartments with six units or less. As limits are removed, residents are asked to please be patient as there may be delays for the collection of leaf and yard waste. Ripped leaf and yard waste bags must still be re-bagged or placed in another container to ensure material can be collected.

May 25 to 29 is also the last week for curbside spring branch collection. Residents in single-family homes and apartments with six units or less can place bundles of branches out on their regular collection day. Branches must be tied into bundles using string or twine and must not exceed:

  • ​Maximum weight of a bundle: 22.7 kg (50 lbs.)
  • Maximum size of a bundle: 1.5 m (5 ft.) in length, and 0.5 m (1.6 ft.) in diameter
  • Individual branches inside of a bundle must not exceed 7 cm (2.8 in.) in diameter

This is a reminder of other temporary curbside collection changes which will continue as a result of COVID-19.

Bag organic and garbage materials

Residents should continue to bag their organic and garbage materials before placing it at the curb. Used tissues and other organic material should be placed in paper bags or certified compostable bags and tied before being placed in the Green Bin. Garbage shouldn't be loose in garbage containers and should be bagged. Several smaller kitchen sized garbage bags may be used and placed inside a garbage container for placement at the curb.

Curbside collection of large household items

Curbside collection of large household item / bulk goods for single family homes and apartments with six units or less will continue to be suspended until May 30. Residents are encouraged to hold onto their large household items, such as mattress / couch, etc. until this service resumes on June 1. For those who need to dispose of a large household item, residents can bring these items to the landfill for disposal. Be prepared to provide your address to confirm your property is eligible for this service. Large items brought to Walker Environmental in Thorold require a disposal fee.

Get more information on temporary service disruptions as a result of COVID-19.


Norm Miller
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3215

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