Reece Bridge replacement on Regional Rd. 69 in West Lincoln an investment in improved infrastructure

Councillors and officials from Niagara Region and West Lincoln gathered today to mark the completion of the replacement of Reece Bridge on Regional Rd. 69 (Twenty Mile Rd.) near Campden Rd. They were joined by staff from Ellis Engineering Inc. and Rankin Construction who completed the construction work.

The previous Reece Bridge carrying Regional Rd. 69 (Twenty Mile Rd.) across Twenty Mile Creek, consisted of a two-span reinforced concrete structure with a span of 18.3 m, and a deck width of 9.3 m, supported on concrete abutments and pier.  The bridge was constructed around 1950.

Regional Rd. 69 (Twenty Mile Rd.) is an important regional road which links the community of Smithville and several communities to the east within the Town’s of Lincoln and Pelham. Twenty Mile Road previously ran along the north side of Twenty Mile Creek, and curved down to cross the creek at a skew of 45 degrees over Reece Bridge. East of the bridge, the road curved again and continued along the south side of the creek. Due to the deteriorated condition of the bridge and poor alignment of the road the Region determined it was necessary to replace the existing bridge on a new vertical and horizontal alignment.

The construction started in October 2018 and was expected to be complete in the spring of 2020, however it was completed ahead of schedule in October 2019. The construction tender amount was $8.3 million and was completed on budget.

The new Reece Bridge structure is a two-span steel girder bridge with a composite concrete deck slab supported on a single pier. The overall length of the structure is 110m with an overall width of 11.4m. The project included placing fill on the roadway approaches of the bridge in order to improve the vertical profile and sightlines of the roadway.

In attendance today were:

  • ​Niagara Region Associate Director of Transportation Engineering, Frank Tassone
  • Township of West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma
  • Niagara Regional Councillor Albert Witteveen
  • Chair of the Public Works Committee and Niagara Regional Councillor Tim Rigby
  • Partners and collaborators from Rankin Construction and Ellis Engineering Inc.

Niagara Region’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP), completed in 2017, reinforced the need for a safe, connected and sustainable regional road network. During the consultation for the Transportation Master Plan, residents also indicated support for localized road improvements which improve overall efficiency and operations.

Visit the Reece Bridge project page for more information.


Norman Miller
Niagara Region
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