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2013 Niagara Photo Gallery

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Stay Classy Niagara Region

Stay Classy Niagara Region

Happy holidays to everyone during this winter season. Kathryn Raimondo, St. Catharines

Dusting of Snow
Snowy Visitor
Cardinal in the Winter
Jumping Bunny
Nearing Sunset
After the Storm
Looking at Me?
Empty Net
Lone Birch
Winter Thaw
Watching and Waiting
Sunset On the Beach
A Walk to Remember
Regular Customer
Raindrop Reflection
Hockey Bird
Tulip Time
Smelling the Flowers
Mather of Parks
Nesting Places
A Chance Encounter
Snowbirds Over the Falls
Carriage Ride
Three Baby Swans
Over The Falls
Beware the Pterodactyl
Tall Ship at Sunrise
Singing For Joy
Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine
One of a Kind
Raindrop Reflection
Butterfly Feeding
1812 Speech
Sweet Sights of Summer
Grasshopper on a Pumpkin
Camera Shy
Ladybug Invasion
Lying in Wait
Storm Clouds
Nature's Beauty
Salmon Run
Niagara River in Fall
First Snowfall
Wonders of Nature
On Thin Ice
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