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Biosolids Management Master Plan

Niagara Region has completed its Biosolids Management Master Plan study for the management of biosolids and residuals generated by the Region's water and wastewater treatment plants.

Biosolids and residuals are solid or semi-solid material obtained from treated wastewater often used as a fertilizer or soil amendment. Learn about biosolid handling in Niagara.

Study objectives

  • Update strategic goals and objectives
  • Examine current levels of service and additional regulatory requirements
  • Assess efficiency and performance to improve technical and operational practices
  • Improve customer confidence and satisfaction through meaningful and ongoing consultation

Plan has been reviewed and amended

Throughout 2009 and during 2010, the Region updated its Biosolids Management Master Plan through research and consultation. The study was conducted in accordance with the requirements for master plans under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (June 2000 amended 2007). The plan was adopted by Council in January 2012.

This update provides Niagara Region with direction for its biosolids management activities to the year 2031. Through this process, the following was reviewed:

  • An evaluation of alternatives and technologies
  • Public and review agency consultation
  • An assessment of the potential environmental effects
  • Reasonable measures to reduce any adverse environmental impacts

Public consultation

Consultation with the public was a vital component of the study. The Region held two public information centres that presented the project as it was being developed.

  • The first public information centres were held Dec. 1, 2009 in Fort Erie and Dec. 2, 2009 at Niagara Region Headquarters, Thorold. It introduced the study and requested input and comments from interested members of the community.
  • The second public information centres were held June 14, 2010 in Pelham, Town Hall and June 15, 2010 at Niagara Region Headquarters, Thorold. Both presented detailed evaluation and strategy recommendations. Input and comments from interested members of the community were requested.

Public advisory committee

As part of the public consultation planned for this project, the Region formed a Public Advisory Committee. The purpose of this committee was to solicit advice and provide feedback to our Project Team at key milestones over the course of the study.

Master plan study documents

The master plan process is complete and a comprehensive Biosolids Management Master Plan document has been filed for public review.

Request a copy of the Biosolids Management Master Plan.


If you have questions about the study, and / or the biosolids management program, contact:

Robert Daw
Associate Director
Wastewater Operations, Maintenance and Laboratory Services
Email Robert Daw

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