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Permitted Hauled Sewage Types

Domestic Sewage


Sewage from domestic residential activities does not require approval. These include:

  • Wastes from toilets
  • Grey water (such as laundry, dish washing, showers
  • On-board holding tanks (such as recreational vehicles, tour buses, ships, boats)
  • Most campgrounds


Sewage from non-residential properties (such as a septic tank at a contractor's yard) requires a completed Generator Application form submitted with the Hauled Sewage Record or submitted to the Environmental Enforcement Section. This only needs to be submitted once.

Non-Domestic Sewage

Sewage Haulers are not permitted to discharge any non-domestic sewage unless an approval (Sewage Generator Approval) has been received specifically for that type of sewage.

Do not receive non-approved sewage for disposal until the sewage type and sewage generator have been approved by the Region. Disposal of unapproved non-domestic sewage is a violation of the Sewer-use By-law.

Sewage Not Accepted

The following sewage may not be discharged at a Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant:

  • Sewage from generators outside the boundaries of the Niagara region
  • Unapproved non-domestic wastes
  • Waste from catch basins, floor troughs, oil/water separators, DAF units etc.
  • Wastes from the cleaning of sand filters, or grit traps at vehicle maintenance facilities or washing facilities (car or truck washes)
  • Wastes from directional boring fluids
  • Hazardous or toxic wastes
  • Any waste with excessive solids that may cause problems at the treatment facility
  • Wastes prohibited under the Niagara Sewer-use By-law
  • Manifested waste unless prior approval has been granted
  • Any waste that is significantly different than what was approved
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