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Approvals Required for Hauled Sewage

Only Haulers approved by Niagara Region are allowed to dispose of hauled sewage at the Region's wastewater treatments plants.

Sewage Generator Approvals

Haulers are cautioned to ensure that they have the appropriate approvals in place before accepting loads for disposal. All non-domestic sewage sources require prior approval before disposal.

Sewage generators must complete an generator application and submit the completed application to the Niagara Region's Water-Wastewater Environmental Enforcement Section.

Haulers may contact the Environmental Enforcement Section at 905-980-6000 ext. 3761 to verify that a hauled sewage source is approved. The hauler may also contact the plant clerk of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Haulers are required to possess a valid Niagara Region Sewage Hauler permit and access card. These cards are:

  • Non-transferable and must be used only for the vehicle assigned
  • To be used only for entries onto the plant premises to make disposals
  • Not to be used to access the plant premises for any other purpose

An access card will be issued for each vehicle covered under the permit for use by the hauler. Apply for a permit.

Sewage haulers are required to have the following requirements to use Niagara Region's wastewater facilities:

  1. Commercial general liability - minimum amount of $2 million
  2. Automobile liability - minimum amount of $2 million
  3. The Regional Municipality of Niagara should be noted as an additional insured upon completion of the Region's certificate of insurance form noting the above insurance coverages

Hauled Sewage Records

All Haulers are required to complete and submit a Hauled Sewage Record for each disposal of hauled sewage.

Failure to correctly complete Hauled Sewage Records or recording false information on a Hauled Sewage Record may result in permit suspension, revocation and/or enforcement actions as indicated under the Sewer-use By-law or Hauled Sewage Policy.

Each record must be:

  • Signed and dated by the Hauler delivering the sewage
  • One copy should be kept by the Hauler and the other deposited in the collection box

The Niagara Region invoice issued will show the Hauled Sewage Record number used for each disposal.

Special records may be created for project or event-based disposals. The hauler will be required to use the these for all disposals under this approval and will be given the appropriate record to use after the application has been approved.

Winery Wastes Special Approvals

Certain Niagara Region facilities have the ability to accept winery wastewater at specific disposal locations within the facility.

Light Winery Waste (Headworks Disposal)

Liquid waste from a winery which is less than 0.5 per cent solids (such as wash water) may be discharged at the regular hauled sewage or headworks disposal location. Check with plant operations staff prior to disposal.

Heavy Winery Waste (Digester or Scum Pit Disposal)

Liquid waste from a winery which is greater than 0.5 but less than 3 percent solids should be directed to the scum pits. Check with the plant operations staff about where to dispose of this material. Wastewater containing greater than 3 per cent solids is not suitable for disposal.

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