Red Light Cameras

Municipalities in Niagara will be outfitted with red light cameras as part of Niagara Region's automated enforcement programs. In 2023, we will add ten new red light cameras on Regional roads across Niagara.

Red-light cameras have been in operation in Ontario since November 2000. The program and processes are well-established and recognized by the court system for their high quality and proof of violations.

Red light running is a significant cause of severe collisions at signalized intersections. Between 2014 and 2018 there were 1,429 angle collisions recorded at Regionally-owned signalized intersections.

Locations of red light cameras

Fort Erie

  • Garrison Road (Regional Road 3)  and Pettit Road / Daytona Drive


  • Christie Street (Regional Road 12) and South Service Road (Regional Road 40)


  • Ontario Street (Regional Road 18) and South Service Road (Regional Road 40)

Niagara Falls

  • Stanley Avenue (Regional Road 102) and Dunn Street
  • Lundy's Lane (Regional Road 20) and Garner Road


  • Old Highway 20 (Regional Road 20) and Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24)

St. Catharines

  • Louth Street (Regional Road 72) and St. Paul Street (Regional Road 81)
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 48) and Parnell Road


  • Lincoln Avenue (Regional Road 29) and Prince Charles Drive (Regional Road 54)
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 50) and Quaker Road

See the locations for red light cameras and automated speed enforcement on a map.

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