Adopt-a-Road Program

Creating a clean environment

Let's work together to keep Regional roads clean and beautiful

Adopt-a-Road is a public service program that allows volunteers to pick up litter along certain Regional rights-of-way. Under the program, groups and individuals agree to adopt a section of a Regional right-of-way and keep it clean.

Program benefits

  • Creates a cleaner, healthier environment
  • Encourages community spirit and pride
  • A sign on the adopted road with your group's name acknowledging your efforts

The program is open to all, including individuals, private businesses, industry, community organizations and family. There is no cost to participate in this program.


  • Authorized group representative

    The authorized group representative will:

    • Complete annual safety training before the first pick-up of the year and review safety rules before each clean-up
    • Be at least 12 years old
    • Have at least one adult supervisor (19 years or older) for every five workers
    • Always wear a Region approved safety vest
    • Display the road work sign before starting clean-up
    • Carpool to minimize the number of vehicles at the worksite
    • Always exit vehicles on the side next to the ditch
    • Park parallel to the road and as far off the travelled portion as possible
    • Park vehicles on the same side of the roadway as the volunteers
    • Pick up litter during daylight hours only
    • Flag hazardous and unidentifiable items for pick-up by Niagara Region staff
    • Stay clear of any maintenance of construction operations and equipment
    • Stay clear of any water hazards
    • Discontinue work in inclement weather
    • Close the road work sign when litter pick-up is done
  • Volunteers

    Volunteers will:

    • Select an Authorized Group Representative to act on behalf of the group / organization
    • Complete Niagara Region's Adopt-a-Road Program overview and safety training and knowledge quiz before starting litter pick-up
    • Commit to pick up litter twice a year for a minimum term of three years
    • Sort litter to facilitate disposal procedures
    • Respect the rights of private landowners by not passing on their land or interfering with their activities
    • Flag closed containers, heavy objects or suspected hazardous materials for pick-up and disposal by Niagara Region staff
    • Surrender items of value to the nearest police station, such as wallet, purse, camera, etc.
    • Ensure that no signs, posters or other display materials are brought to the adopted section during or between cleanups
    • Place filled trash bags at the designated pick-up site(s) as pre-arranged by Niagara Region staff and the authorized group representative
    • Notify Niagara Region immediately after each clean-up to have litter bags removed by staff
    • Ensure that litter pick-ups don't occur on statutory holidays or from Nov. 1 to April 15
    • Return all inventory to Niagara Region staff at the completion of clean-up. If not returned, the group or individual may be billed for the replacement value of the items.
  • Niagara Region

    Niagara Region will:

    • Select the specific section of Niagara Region road right-of-way to be adopted
    • Provide safety vests, road work signs, trash bags, safety information and training, flags and traffic cones
    • Erect recognition sign(s) with the adopting group's name at an agreed upon site on the adopted road
    • Approve the name, titles or words placed on Adopt-a-Road volunteer recognition signs
    • Remove and dispose of filled trash bags and / or hazardous waste
    • Take any actions deemed appropriate, in the sole discretion of Niagara Region, to ensure program objectives are met within the adopted section of the Niagara Region road right-of-way

Apply for Adopt-a-Road

To apply, read the terms and conditions and complete the application form.

Apply for Adopt-a-Road


905-980-6000 ext. 3230
Email Adopt-a-Road Coordinator

Adopt-a-Road organizations

Thank you to our participating Adopt-a-Road organizations.

  • Beamsville District Lions Club
  • Brain Injury Community
  • Canadian Federation of University Women
  • Crowland Sports Club
  • Kinsmen Club Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Lincoln Lions
  • Port Dalhousie Lions Club
  • Port Thrift Shop
  • Rotary Club of Lincoln
  • Dr. Shri Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Patishthan and associates
  • Trinity Church Beamsville
  • Wolfpack Construction / MJ Subenthiran Realty
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