Birth Control

Reduced Pricing

Intrauterine devices (IUD) and intrauterine
systems (IUS) are now available at reduced costs

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Requirements for Buying Birth Control from Us

Every prescription needs to be brought in by the person whose name is on the prescription.

  • You will need to complete a health history
  • You will have a blood pressure check
  • You will meet with a nurse for birth control education
  • You need to be under the age of 35

This will add time to the length of your regular pill purchase visit.

Birth Control Options

Birth control lets you decide when you want to become pregnant. When used correctly, it is up to 99 per cent effective.

Decide which form of birth control is right for you.

Get Birth Control at a Reduced Price at our Clinic

If you do not have health benefits you can purchase birth control for a lower price.

The following types of birth control are sold at a reduced price (with a prescription from your doctor) at our Sexual Health Centres:

Alesse: $16 Demulen: $16 Depo-Provera: $30
Diane 35: $22 Ella: $17 Evra Patch: $10
Flexi T 300: $55 Jaydess: $270 Kyleena: $345
Liberte UT short: $45 Liberte UT standard: $45 Linessa: $10
Lolo: $10 Marvelon: $10 Micronor: $15
Minovral: $18 Mirena: $330 Plan B: $10
NuvaRing: $10 Tricyclen: $12 Tricyclen-Lo: $8
Triquilar: $8 Yasmi: $13 Yaz: $15

Ontario Works covers most types of birth control. Talk to your worker for more information.

Consult a Doctor First

Birth control can be good for your health and does not hurt a woman's chance of getting pregnant in the future. Consult your doctor about the risks and benefits of birth control.

The Sexual Health Centres now provide the Liberte, Flexi T, Jaydess, Mirena, and Kyleena intrauterine devices at cost to women under 35 years of age. These highly effective long-acting birth control devices can be purchased with a doctor's or nurse practitioner's prescription.

Forgetting to take the Pill

If you forgot to take your birth control method on time, get back on schedule to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

Emergency Contraception

Get the Morning After Pill to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy if you forgot to use contraception.

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