Client Advisory Committee

Mental Health Client Advisory Committee

"Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone" - Sangram Singh

The Client Advisory Committee is a group of individuals who empower Niagara Region Mental Health clients to have input and involvement in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services.

The committee helps to advise and make recommendations ensuring clients receive the highest quality of care.

What We Do

Program review

  • Review and provide input on Niagara Region Mental Health services and client satisfaction surveys
  • Provide feedback on website
  • Participate in focus groups

Client advocacy

  • Identify needs and priorities of clients and caregivers
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients, caregivers and staff
  • Bring forward issues and make recommendations
  • Provide input on intake processes
  • Participate in and review responses to client or caregiver complaints
  • Provide support to clients as needed

Work plan and evaluation

  • Develop annual work plans
  • Evaluate and review successes


Call 905-688-2854 and ask to speak to Sarah about the Client Advisory Committee.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Get tips on coping with stress and maintaining your well-being.


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Committee Information

  • Values

    Our values guide the committee's decision making and actions:

    • Respect: We treat everyone fairly with compassion, sensitivity and respect
    • Serve: We serve Niagara with pride, care and excellence
    • Honesty: We value honesty, integrity and trust
    • Choice: We believe in social, environmental and economic choices that support our diverse community
    • Partnerships: We promote collaboration and value partnerships
  • Membership
    • Clients, former clients and caregivers are welcome to apply to be members of the Client Advisory Committee
    • When possible, representation will include a current or previous client from each Niagara Region Mental Health service, including one or more youth members
    • No more than two caregivers can be on the committee at any time
    • The committee has a minimum of eight members and no more than 12
    • A manager from Niagara Region Mental Health acts as the management liaison and provides support for identifying and coordinating topics of interest and focus
  • Meeting frequency
    The committee meets about nine times a year for one to two hours each time.

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