Community Food Advisors

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The Community Food Advisor program provides reliable information and education on safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices to consumers in Niagara.

Our Community Food Advisors are dynamic volunteers who promote healthy eating and food safety as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Volunteer to become a Community Food Advisor with Public Health.

Community Food Advisor Presentation Topics

Community Food Advisors provide educational presentations to community groups, workplaces and community organizations.

We offer the following presentations for free.

  • Healthy Eating Basics Part 1
    Participants will build knowledge and skills needed to understand what are the basics of healthy eating.

    Discussion will include:

    • The meaning and benefits of healthy eating
    • The design of Canada's Food Guide and how it groups foods
    • Making healthy food choices, with focus on fats, salt, sugar and fibre
  • Healthy Eating Basics Part 2 ( * requires completion of part 1)
    Participants will build knowledge and skills on how to put the basics of healthy eating into action.

    Discussion will include:

    • Serving sizes and how much to eat from each food group for different age groups
    • How to follow healthy eating advice through dividing up amounts of food on a plate
    • Local food, and reliable sources of healthy eating information
  • Quick and Easy Meals
    Participants will build knowledge and skills needed to plan and prepare healthy, quick and easy meals.

    Discussion will include:

    • Usefulness of planning meals based on Canada's Food Guide
    • Time-saving strategies and stocking a basic pantry
    • Tools, techniques and meal ideas
  • Vegetables and Fruits
    Participants will build knowledge and skills for eating more vegetables and fruits.

    Discussion will include:

    • Benefits of eating recommended amounts
    • Overcoming barriers such as cost and time
    • Selecting / buying, storing, preparing / cooking, and dining / take-out
  • Healthy Dining Out
    Participants will build knowledge and skills needed to eat healthier while enjoying dining out.

    Discussion will include:

    • How to select healthier items, such as using menu labelling
    • Managing portions that are too big
    • Making requests that will help you to eat healthier
  • Food Value: Get it. Keep it.
    Participants will build knowledge and skills to realize the value of food, and how to get and keep food value.

    Discussion will include:

    • The many ways that food has value
    • How to use knowledge, readiness factors, and shopping practices to get food value
    • How to prepare food and learn food skills, and to re-purpose and save it, to keep food value

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