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Public Health Senior Management

Medical Officer of Health and Commissioner of Public Health (Acting)

Dr. M. Mustafa Hirji, MD, MPH, FRCPC

The Medical Officer of Health, under legislated authority and with the Board of Health, is responsible for the health of the public and provides expertise, leadership, and guidance in all public health matters.

These issues include (but are not limited to) the control of reportable (and communicable) diseases, the investigation of environmental health hazards, safe drinking water, food premise inspections, the promotion of chronic disease prevention (eg. tobacco use cessation, physical activity), regulation of childhood immunization records, and health programs geared towards new parents and their newborn children (eg. prenatal classes).

Associate Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Andrea Feller, MD, MS, FAAP, FACPM

The Associate Medical Officers of Health assists in the performance of the duties of the Medical Officer of Health and, for all purposes, has similar powers and authority as the Medical Officer of Health.

Director, Organizational and Foundational Standards

Diane Vanecko

Provides functional support and leadership across a broad spectrum of areas, including continuous quality improvement and education, community development, communications, social marketing, community surveillance, research, evaluation, medical informatics, physical resources and assets, financial monitoring and reporting, occupational health and safety, and general administrative support.

Director, Environmental Health

Siobhan Kearns

Oversees public health programming that includes environmental health hazard investigation, food safety, West Nile virus contingency response program, water quality and rabies control.

Director, Clinical Services

Angela Alfieri-Maiolo

Oversees public health programming that includes communicable diseases, infectious disease control, the four sexual health centres, community mental health, international travel immunization, the Health Bus, immunization records and tuberculosis control.

Associate Director, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

David Lorenzo

Oversees public health programming that includes tobacco use prevention and enforcement, healthy eating, physical activity promotion, early detection of cancer, sun safety, heart health, workplace health, injury and substance abuse prevention, and prevention of falls.

Chief Nursing Officer, Director, Family Health

Anne Biscaro

Oversees public health programming that includes reproductive health, healthy babies/healthy children, dental health, infant and child development services, and school health programs.

Emergency Medical Services, Director/Chief

Kevin Smith

Oversees public health programming that includes the provision of land ambulance services, ambulance communication services, and oversight for the regional fire co-ordinator.

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