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Niagara Counts

Niagara Counts 2021, Niagara’s third homelessness Point-in-Time (PiT) Count, is part of a national strategy typically completed every two years.

The PiT Count provides a snapshot of homelessness at a given time with the purpose of helping to better understand who is homeless and what their needs are. This involves counting and surveying those in our community who experience:

  • Absolute homelessness (those living outside or in emergency shelters)
  • Hidden homelessness (those staying with others or "couch surfing")

Niagara will use this PiT Count as an opportunity to ensure the comprehensiveness of the Built for Zero by-name list of people experiencing homelessness.

Point-in-Time Count

Sheltered and Street Count: Tuesday, March 23

Niagara Counts normally depends on community agencies and trained volunteers to conduct the count. Due to the pandemic, the count has been modified and will be completed by community agency staff and Niagara’s Assertive Street Outreach team. It will be held in various places across Niagara where individuals who are homeless may be, including:

  • Emergency shelters (includes extreme weather, violence against women, hotel / motel beds used instead of shelter beds)
  • Transitional housing (temporary housing arrangement that allows for a longer stay than emergency shelters)
  • Streets and alleys
  • Parks and other public locations
  • Transit stations
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Ravines and other outdoor locations

Goals of the Count

A successful count will allow our community to:

  • Ensure the comprehensiveness of the Built for Zero by-name list of people experiencing homelessness
  • Better understand the unique and unprecedented situation due to COVID-19 that people are experiencing so that local responses can be developed
  • Identify the characteristics and needs of the absolute and hidden homeless
  • Identify where progress is being made and where refocusing of effort is required, both geographically and for different subpopulations
  • Increase public awareness about homelessness
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