Children's Vaccination Records

By law in Ontario, Public Health needs:

  • An up-to-date vaccination record, or
  • A valid exemption form

For each child attending a licensed child care centre, licensed home child care agency (Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014) or school (Immunization of School Pupils Act).

Parents are responsible for providing up-to-date vaccination information.

Report your Child's Vaccinations

You can report your child's vaccination by:

  • Completing our online form
  • Calling 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7425
  • Faxing your vaccination record (yellow card) to 905-688-8225

Getting your Child Vaccinated

You can get your child vaccinated from any of the following sources:

Answering your Child's Questions

Toddlers and preschoolers should be told they will be getting a needle just before getting the vaccine. School-aged children can be told at home that they will be getting a needle. Answer the question:

  • Why do I need a vaccine? with "To help you stay healthy."
  • What will happen? with "The medicine will be put in your arm with a needle."
  • How will it feel? with "You might feel a poke or a small sting that will last a few seconds."

After the needle, tell your child that they did well. Positive recognition and rewards after the procedure, such as stickers, help a child feel good about the skills they learned during the procedure.

Checking your Vaccination Records

You can check to see if your child has the vaccines they need to attend child care or school by:

  • Reviewing their vaccination record (yellow)
  • Asking your health care provider

Suspension from School Letters

Your child could be suspended from school if their immunization records are not up to date.

Letters are sent out to parents in advance if a suspension is pending.

If you have received a school suspension letter, find out what your options are.

Exemption Forms

You will need a valid exemption form for your child to attend school or child care if:

  • You choose not to vaccinate your child for conscience or religious reasons
  • Your child has a medical exemption

Vaccinations Required

By law in Ontario, children need vaccinations for the following diseases:

Vaccine Preventable Disease Child Care School
Diphtheria Required Required
Haemophilus Influenza Type B (Hib) Required
Measles Required Required
Meningococcal Required Required
Mumps Required Required
Pertussis (whooping cough) Required Required
Pneumococcal Required
Polio Required Required
Rubella (German measles) Required Required
Tetanus (lockjaw) Required Required
Varicella (chickenpox) for children born in 2010 or after Required Required

Public Health strongly recommends these vaccinations:

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