Teaching Tool - Handwashing and Germs

This presentation teaches students about how germs spread and proper handwashing techniques.

Target audience: students in ELKP to Grade 1
Length of core content presentation: 40-50 minutes

Criteria Met

Grade Ontario Curriculum Codes
Kindergarten The Kindergarten Program (2016) - Self-Regulation and Well-Being 6.3
1 Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education (2019) D2.5


In delivering this presentation, the teacher will encourage students to:

  • Reflect on how germs and illness are spread
  • Practise correct handwashing and hand-rub techniques
  • Use correct respiratory etiquette as part of their daily living


By the end of this presentation, students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of germs and how illness is spread
  • Identify appropriate times for washing hands and using hand-rub
  • Demonstrate the correct techniques for washing hands and using hand-rub
  • Demonstrate the correct respiratory etiquette technique

Core Knowledge Content

Core knowledge content provides the teacher with the background information needed to prepare and teach this health class.

Learning Activities

Handwashing and germs (essential)

Healthy me art assignment

Potato germ experiment

Magic school bus inside Ralphie

Spray bottle

Handwashing demonstration

Clean your hands word scramble

Glo germ

Clean your hands word search

Hygiene songs

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