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The Niagara Region Public Health Primary Care Advisory and Liaison Group is made up of Public Health representatives, family physicians and a nurse practitioner.

Representing specific areas of Niagara, the members strive to equitably represent and be inclusive of all family physicians and nurse practitioners who practise in Niagara's diverse communities.

This group is in place to support improved two-way communication between Niagara Region Public Health and Niagara's primary care sector, including collaboration efforts, resource sharing and knowledge exchange.

See an infographic of our year in review.

Group objectives

  • Increase program awareness: Ensure primary care has a comprehensive understanding of Niagara Region Public Health programs and resources available to support practice
  • Knowledge exchange: Transfer the knowledge learned and understanding of Niagara Region Public Health with the broader primary care sector in Niagara. The Primary Care Advisory and Liaison Group advises on the development of communication and engagement strategies to share what's learned with the broader primary care sector.
  • Engagement of catchment areas: Group members seek to understand the needs, pain points and issues experienced by primary care in Niagara related to Public Health and advise and present issues in a way that is solution focused.
  • Planning and development: Engage Niagara's primary care providers to support program planning and development related to the primary care sector. Consult with the Primary Care Advisory and Liaison Group on programs, services and emerging needs related to COVID-19 or general programming relevant to primary care and seek to improve Public Health's knowledge of the needs identified in the primary care community.

A year in review: Primary Care Advisory and Liaison Group

In 2021, efforts were made to provide two way communication between public health and primary care. Through the use of geographic catchments, we disseminated information to primary care and collected feedback on relevant public health concerns.

While the bulk of our work and discussions were about the COVID-19 pandemic, we also addressed issues such as mental health and addictions, 18 month well baby visits, and school and community vaccination programs for routine vaccines. Public Health also gained a better understanding of the challenges facing primary care providers, which will support better collaboration between the two sectors going forward.

A highlight of the year was the inaugural Primary Care Advisory and Liaison Rounds which saw members from all geographic catchments meet with our catchment leads. These events allowed for face-to-face interaction with primary care providers throughout Niagara to address a variety of topics and collect feedback on practice needs or emerging issues relevant to the health of our community. 

As we move forward into 2022 and beyond, we plan to:

  • Build a collaborative relationship between public health and primary care
  • Provide more knowledge about public health programming to primary care practitioners to improve patient access
  • Engage with the primary care community in Niagara at large

Discussion with the Family Health team on parenting supports available in Niagara

Video series with Public Health staff on topics that support an understanding of our programs and the role of primary care in these areas.

Watch past presentations.

Get involved

If you have a few hours available each month and would like to get involved, email HCP Engagement for information on open positions.

Meet the members

Catchment area leads

Kristin Chow, Family Physician
Niagara North Family Health Team
Catchment area: St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake

Alison Mattatall, Nurse Practitioner
Niagara Falls Community Health Centre
Catchment area: Nurse practitioners and community health centres

David Dec, Family Physician
Portage Medical Group
Catchment area: Niagara Falls and Fort Erie; family medicine liaison with Niagara Health / medical societies

Mark Prodger, Family Physician
Thorold Family Medical Centre
Catchment area: St. Catharines and Thorold

Public Health leads

Mustafa Hirji, Medical Officer of Health (Acting)

Andrea Feller, Associate Medical Officer of Health

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