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Mental Health and Self-Care Resources for Health Care Professionals

For physicians, residents, retired physicians and medical students

Physician Health Program
The Physician Health Program provides confidential support for individuals who are struggling with substance use and mental health concerns, as well as other behaviours that have a personal and professional impact.

Wellness Support Line or call 1-800-851-6606
The Wellness Support Line offers 24/7 counselling and access to mental health supports to physicians, medical learners and their immediate families.

For nurses

Nurses' Health Program
The Nurses' Health Program is a voluntary bilingual program for Ontario nurses. It is designed to encourage nurses to seek treatment for substance use and / or mental health disorders that may affect their ability to practice nursing safely.

For all health care providers

Mindfulness sessions
The aim of these drop-in groups is to help health care workers find a sense of wellbeing and self-compassion to cope with stress, emotional distress, change, loss, uncertainty and moral distress, as well as manage anticipatory grief and prevent burnout.

Resilience Support Toolkit
This toolkit is meant to help health care providers strengthen resilience by working resilience-building practices into their daily routines and workflow.

Psychological First Aid Workbook: Psychological First Aid for Frontline Health Care Providers During COVID-19
A workbook for health care providers who are feeling overwhelmed, tired and in need of some humour.

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