Arizona Tan North Inspection Results

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Inspection Results - Posted for one year

July 9, 2019
Routine Inspection

Not in Compliance
Premise provides notification in writing of intention, operation, additional services, construction or renovations.
Not in Compliance
The manufacturer’s instructions for equipment/instrument(s) used are accessible on-site.
Corrected During Inspection
Every person who provides a personal service performs hand hygiene as appropriate.
Not in Compliance
Employee Reminder Decal (Employee Facing Sticker)- Posted/unobstructed/legible at point of sale facing employees as a reminder of the prohibition on selling tanning services to persons less than 18 years old and that anyone under age 25 must be asked for identification. O.Reg. 99/14,
Not in Compliance
Point of Sale Warning Sign (Customer Facing Poster) - Posted/unobstructed/legible at point of sale within one meter of cash register displaying health effects of tanning/ultraviolet light treatments and stating the prohibition on selling/offering tanning service. O.Reg. 99/14,
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