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COVID-19 Vaccination in Children Six Months to 17 Years of Age

Watch the July 26 COVID-19 Town Hall for parents and guardians of children six months to five years of age with Dr. Hirji and Dr. Kasmani.

Children are considered up to date when they have received the recommended dose(s) appropriate for their age, health status and the type of vaccine they have received. See personalized recommendations by group at getting vaccinated and staying up to date.

Protect your child's long term health

We know some parents and guardians may feel it's riskier for their child to get the COVID-19 vaccine than it is for them to get infected with COVID-19. The sharing of disinformation on social media platforms has fuelled much of this concern.

Here are five questions parents can ask to make sense of COVID-19 information.

It's established that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and that there are significant risks that can come from a COVID-19 infection. These are important things for parents and guardians to know so they can make an informed decision about vaccinating their child.

COVID-19 is a significant vaccine preventable threat to our children. Since Omicron became the dominant variant, hospitalization and ICU admissions have increased in young children.

For children six months to four years of age, the average monthly rate of hospitalization due to COVID-19 increased from 1.4 to 15.9 per 100,000 (Public Health Agency of Canada).

Risks from COVID-19

Most children who get COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic disease. However, some children experience severe disease and need hospitalization.

Children who get COVID-19 can also develop a rare but serious condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome and may be at risk of long COVID.

Getting vaccinated and staying up to date provides strong protection against hospital and ICU admission and is the best defence against getting symptoms and spreading COVID-19.

Check out the data from the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table and the Center for Disease Control. The vaccine can also help prevent serious complications from COVID-19, including long COVID and multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

If you have further questions

If you've felt confused about vaccination for you or your child, you aren't alone. Some people have found it hard to get clear answers they trust.

If you're unsure and would like more information, speak to a health care provider that will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. No pressure to get vaccinated; no judgement about your decision. Options include:

For help booking an appointment or for more information about vaccines, call the provincial Vaccine Contact Centre.

Frequently asked questions

Risks of COVID-19 infection in children

Vaccine safety

Get more information on vaccine safety at frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

General information

Get more information at frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.



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