COVID-19 - Niagara is under a provincewide stay-at-home order. Learn about the COVID-19 vaccination and service disruptions.

Eligibility and Booking your Vaccine Appointment

Review the Province's three-phase COVID-19 vaccination program for more information on eligibility.

Who How to book your appointment
Adults 60 and older in 2021 Provincial booking system or call 1-888-999-6488
Adults 55 and older in 2021 Through participating pharmacies
Adults 50 and older in 2021 with a postal code starting with L2G Through participating pharmacies
Indigenous adults 18 and older and their household members Vaccination sign-up form at De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre 
Child care and education workers If you're an eligible child care or education worker, you will get booking instructions from your employer.
Staff / essential caregivers of long-term care and high-risk retirement homes Contact your employer or the home you're an approved essential caregiver at for information.
Highest, very high and high priority health care workers Niagara Health will provide booking information to eligible individuals. Only health care workers in certain settings who live or work in Niagara are eligible.
Highest-risk populations and their essential care partners

Visit Niagara Health to get booking instructions for highest-risk populations.

Vaccination Clinic Schedule and Locations

Clinics will operate on a rotating basis, and will increase in frequency over the next few weeks.

Vaccination Standby List

If you don't already have a vaccine appointment, register for the standby list to be contacted when there are extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at the end of the day. This is not a booking tool, and appointments are only offered if there are unused doses available.

Before Going to your Appointment

Once your appointment is booked, find out what you need to know before your COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Reasons to reschedule your appointment

  • If you're sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, you shouldn't get the vaccine. Wait until you're better to get vaccinated.
  • If you've had another type of vaccine, you should wait 14 days before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. After receiving your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, you shouldn't receive any other vaccines for 28 days. If for some reason you need another vaccine within 28 days, discuss this with your doctor or health care provider.

You can reschedule your appointment online or by calling 1-888-999-6488.

Protect yourself

We know many are anxious to get the vaccine, including those who are considered higher-risk or have other underlying health conditions. Please continue to follow all public health guidelines to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

For questions about COVID-19 vaccination, call the COVID-19 Info-Line at 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074, press 7.