Financial Assistance for Individuals and Families

Financial Support

Answer some questions online to find financial help during COVID-19

Find financial help

Niagara Region's social assistance and employment opportunities staff continue to provide critical services, including financial benefits and supports to our low-income clients and vulnerable residents.

Our offices are closed to the public, but you can still access services by phone and online. Learn about Ontario Works.

For people not currently receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program

Emergency assistance is available for people facing a crisis or emergency situation who have no access to other supports. This includes those who are waiting for benefits from the federal government, such as Employment Insurance and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

To apply:

Complete the initial assessment online or by phone at 905-641-9230. If you're in west Niagara, call 1-866-627-1110. Basic information will be collected and can take up to 30 minutes.

A staff member will contact you within four business days to complete an eligibility assessment over the phone.

For people receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program

Discretionary benefits are available for people who are in crisis or facing an unexpected emergency due to COVID-19. This benefit is up to $100 for a single person and up to $200 for a couple / family. Eligible expenses include:

  • Delivery or travel costs to access food, medications and other essential supplies for those self-isolating
  • Additional food costs as a result of food scarcity. For example, if you're unable to purchase lower priced items because they are out of stock.
  • Cleaning supplies if you or someone in your household is COVID-19 positive
  • Personal protective equipment to attend unavoidable medical or health-related appointments

To apply:

  • Ontario Works clients - Contact the Ontario Works discretionary team at 905-641-9960 ext. 6072 or by email at Clients need to provide their name, phone number and reason for their request. Every effort will be made to return calls and emails within three to five business days.
  • Ontario Disability Support Program clients - Contact your Ontario Disability Support Program casemanager

Federal Benefits

Learn about federal benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Employment Insurance, Canada Child Benefit and Canada Student Loans.

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