Emergency Management Program

What is an Emergency Management Program?
An ongoing program is required to ensure the sustainability of the Plan and to ensure the Region is ready to respond to any emergency at any time. The Emergency Management Program is a function of the Emergency Services Division and consists of the following key components:

Regional Emergency Operations Centre Personnel
Regional emergency responses are controlled by a select team consisting of the Regional Chair, CAO, Clerk, Chief of Police, Fire Co-ordinator, Medical Officer of Health, and all Department Commissioners. This "Control Group" co-ordinates the allocation of resources / staff in response to an emergency and/or in support of a local municipal emergency situation.

Program Management
Program staff develop and maintain the Emergency Management Program, Plan and all other ongoing emergency readiness initiatives

Emergency Management Program Committee
A committee of representatives from all Regional Departments and Emergency Services meets on a regular basis to assist the Program Management Staff maintain the Plan, review ongoing emergency readiness activities and to ensure departmental emergency readiness.

Emergency Management Niagara Committee
Regional Emergency Management, all 12 local municipalities and stakeholders collaborate in sharing information and cooperate in integrating resources in order to ensure that all communities are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Training & Exercises
Regional Emergency Planning and all 12 local municipalities conduct integrated training and exercises on a regular basis.

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