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Barbara Butters, Regional Councillor (Port Colborne)

Barbara Butters

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Data Preview

Account DescriptionAmountExpense DescriptionJournal DateSupplierVoucher Description
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71PHSSC Committee3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71BRCOTW3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71BRCOTW3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71Special Council / BRCOTW3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71CSC / PEDC Committees3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71Agri Policy in Action3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71Waste Mgmt3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71BRCOTW / Council3/5/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.15Special Council Meeting1/21/2019  
Mileage Reimburs-Admin$30.71Committee Meeting1/21/2019  

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