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Regional Council Members, 2022 - 2026

Niagara Regional Council acts as the final decision-making body for Niagara Region and serves as the Board of Health.

Council membership

  • One regional chair
  • 12 elected mayors from Niagara's area municipalities
  • 19 elected representatives from Niagara's area municipalities

All councillors hold office until Nov. 14, 2026.

Regional councillors

Fort Erie
Wayne Redekop, Mayor
Tom Insinna

Jeff Jordan, Mayor
Michelle Seaborn

Sandra Easton
Robert Foster

Niagara Falls
Jim Diodati, Mayor
Kim Craitor
Bob Gale
Joyce Morocco

Gary Zalepa, Lord Mayor
Andrea Kaiser

Marvin Junkin, Mayor
Diana Huson

Port Colborne
Bill Steele, Mayor
Fred Davies

St. Catharines
Mat Siscoe, Mayor
Haley Bateman
Jim Bradley
Laura Ip
Tim Rigby
Peter Secord
Sal Sorrento

Terry Ugulini, Mayor
Tim Whalen

Brian Grant, Mayor

Frank Campion, Mayor
Pat Chiocchio
Leanna Villella

West Lincoln
Cheryl Ganann, Mayor
Albert Witteveen

Conflict of interest

Public registry of disclosures of interest declared by members of Council.

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