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Procurement Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Agendas and minutes

Background and Preamble

The Bidding Process Evaluation Review Committee was established by direction of Regional Council in April 2011, to review the bidding and evaluation process for awarding Public Works projects and make recommendations on ways of improving its effectiveness and transparency.

In 2015 the committee, for a variety of reasons, was repositioned to take on an expanded role and review procurement matters on an organization-wide basis. Due to this new focus the committee's name was changed to the Procurement Advisory Committee. The Procurement Advisory Committee operates in accordance with these terms of reference.


The committee's mandate is to:

  • Review the Procurement By-law and recommend changes as necessary
  • Review and provide feedback on processes and procedures involving procurement


The committee will:

  • Recommend to the Corporate Services Committee and Regional Council any potential changes to the Procurement By-law
  • Review Niagara Region's procurement processes and procedures including such matters as bid solicitation and methodology, and evaluation methodology
  • Give due consideration to procurement related trends related to challenges and opportunities for innovation in public sector procurement including but not limited to legislative changes and their impact in the aforementioned
  • Additionally, the committee may from time to time hear from Niagara Region staff or external delegates on public procurement matters, initiatives and trends including those identified above


The committee will be comprised of a minimum of three to a maximum of eight members of Regional Council.

The committee shall appoint from the membership a chair and vice-chair at its first meeting. All members of the committee shall be allowed a vote. There shall be no compensation payable to the members of the committee.

The following members of staff will serve as resources for the work of the committee:

  • Commissioner of Corporate Services (or designate)
  • Commissioner of Public Works (or designate)
  • Director of Procurement and Strategic Acquisition
  • Director of Legal and Court Services
  • Any additional members of staff who from time to time may be required


The meetings of the Procurement Advisory Committee are public. Meetings shall be held quarterly or at the call of the chair for special issues or circumstances. Meetings shall be governed by the Region's Procedural By-law, being a by-law to govern the calling, place and proceedings of the meetings of council and its committees, as may be amended from time-to-time.

Reporting Structure

The Procurement Advisory Committee will report to Regional Council through the Corporate Services Committee.

Committee Work Plan

The Procurement Advisory Committee will provide guidance to staff in the development of an annual work plan identifying the specific initiatives and activities to be undertaken within each of the areas of focus, inclusive of budget needs, to further guide decision-making and resource management.


The term of membership shall be four years, concurrent with Regional Council's elected term of office, and the membership shall be approved by council in accordance with membership requirements in the terms of reference.

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair and Vice-Chair

A chair and vice-chair will be elected from committee members on a biannual basis at the first meeting of the new year to preside over meetings and committee business.

It is the role of the chair to preside over committee meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently and effectively, and to act as a liaison between the committee, the Corporate Services Committee and Regional Council.

It is the role of the vice-chair to preside over committee meetings in the absence of the chair and to perform any other duties delegated by the chair or as assigned by the committee through a majority vote.

Committee Members

All Procurement Advisory Committee members, including the chair and vice-chair, have the responsibility to help achieve the Procurement Advisory Committee's mandate and responsibilities. Committee members are also responsible for:

  • Reviewing meeting materials in advance of the meetings and arrive prepared to provide a broad perspective on the issues under consideration
  • Working diligently to complete assigned activities
  • Participating on working groups, as appropriate
  • Agreeing to describe, process and resolve issues in a professional and respectful manner
  • Providing input into the identification of future projects or strategic priorities which will form the basis of future years' work
  • Communicating activities of the committee to groups represented or those who may have an interest and offer information back to the committee


Members who miss three unauthorized consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have resigned from the committee and will be notified of this in writing by the committee chair.

Amendments to the Terms of Reference

The terms of reference should be reviewed and refined at a minimum of every four years to ensure that they remain current and meaningful.

Proposed amendments to the terms of reference shall require the approval of a majority of the Procurement Advisory members present and those amendments if approved will be submitted to Regional Council for approval through the Corporate Services Committee. Amendments to the terms of reference shall take effect only upon the approval of council.

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