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Encumbrance Detail (2016)

Description   Amount (in thousands of dollars)
Settlement of Legal Matter   $10
Integrity Commissioner   25
Total Encumbrance for Governance   35
General Government    
City of Welland - General Electric Development Grant   1,500
Public Realm Investment Program    
RR20 (Griffin St. S.) Streetscaping $42  
Beamsville Streetscape Enhancements 60  
Central Ave. and Jarvis St. Transit Improvements 17  
Downtown Street Tree Replacement 22  
RR20 (Lundy's Lane) Streetscaping 29  
RR27 (East Main St.), RR68 (King St.), RR527(Division St.) Streetscaping 69  
Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Stone Rd.) and RR89 (Glendale Rd.) 10 250
Total Encumbrance for General Government   1,750
Corporate Administration    
Combined Sewer Overflow - Value for Money Audit   39
Project Management   63
Staff Education Assistance   14
Employee Engagement Survey   200
Human Resources Benefit Tendering   76
Niagara Regional Police Services Study   82
Niagara Week is Every Week   40
Communication Strategy Audit   24
Total Encumbrance for Corporate Administration   539
Corporate Services    
Developmental Charge Summary   11
Asset Management Plan   88
Total Encumbrance for Corporate Services   99
Planning & Development    
Master Servicing Plan   25
Canada 150 - Bridging Meaning in Niagara Project   25
Housing Strategy Proposal   14
Employment Lands and Triggers for Urban Boundary Expansion Planning   19
Regional Headquarters Landscape Assessment   38
Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydrologic Assessment   10
Amendment to Update the Aggregate Resources Policy   43
Municipal Comprehensive Review   82
Niagara GO Hub and Transit Station Study*   555
Waterfront Investment Program    
Fort Erie - Bay Beach Master Plan 850  
St Catharines - Centennial Gardens Revitalization 150 1,000
Lakefront Enhancement Strategy    
Grimsby: West End Waterfront Plan* 433  
St Catharines: Lakeside and Port Dalhousie Harbour* 615  
Fort Erie: Waterfront Strategy* 75  
Port Colborne: Clear Water Project* 200  
NPCA: Lake Erie Shoreline* 30  
NPCA: Long Beach Improvement Plan* 90 1,442
Total Encumbrance for Planning & Development   3,254
Public Health    
Market Research and Housing Strategy Proposal   14
EMS Master Plan and Consulting   29
Psychological Health and Safety Program Consulting   25
Emergency Management Plan for Region Stakeholders   13
Niagara Falls Building Architect   112
Data Collection   62
Dental Bus Generator   20
Total Encumbrance for Public Health   275
Economic Development    
Market Research & Housing Strategy Proposal   14
Brock University - BioLinc   39
Communications Audit Strategy and Tactics (Foreign Trade Zone)   32
Niagara College - Advance Manufacturing Innovation Contract   10
Total Encumbrance for Economic Development   95
Niagara Regional Housing    
Mobile Workforce Initiative and Office Space Reorganization   30
Integrated Housing Solution Software   68
Housing Fraud Protection Strategy   100
Niagara Regional Housing Board Strategic Planning   25
Total Encumbrance for Niagara Regional Housing   223
Public Works - Levy    
Transportation - Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program   318
Transportation - Estimated Salary and Benefit Costs Carried Over from 2016   75
Transportation - Intelligent Transportation System Upgrades   110
Transportation -Professional Services   102
Total Encumbrance for Public Works - Levy   604
Public Works - Rate    
Waste Management - System Optimization Study *   103
Waste Management - Organic Waste Bins   14
Waste Management - Blue and Grey Recycling Carts   87
Water and Wastewater - Project Management   41
Water and Wastewater - Master Servicing Plan   206
Water and Wastewater - Combined Sewer Overflow Funding Awarded **   7,742
Total Encumbrance for Public Works - Rate   8,193
TOTAL 2016 ENCUMBRANCE   $15,067

* Encumbrance balance carried over from 2015
** Encumbrance previously reported in capital projects

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