Corporate Services Statement of Operations - Quarter 4 Financial Update (2016)

  Year to Date (in thousands of dollars)
Budget Actual Budget vs Actual Variance
Compensation   $15,639 $15,912 $(273) (1.7%)
Administrative   5,058 4,598 461 10.0%
Operational & Supply   61 109 (47) (43.5%)
Occupancy & Infrastructure   5,934 5,653 282 5.0%
Equipment, Vehicles, Technology   2,059 2,458 (398) (16.2%)
Equipment, Vehicles, Technology   174 155 20 12.7%
Total Expenses   28,927 28,883 44 0.2%
Federal & Provincial Grants   (60) (78) 18 (22.7%)
By-Law Charges & Sales   (2.55) (189) (67) 35.4%
Other Revenue   (454) (372) (82) 21.9%
Total Revenues   (770) (639) (131) 20.5%
Intercompany Charges
Intercompany Charges   (266) (313) 47 (15.0%)
Total Intercompany Charges   (266) (313) 47 (15.0%)
Net Expenditure (Revenue) Before Transfers & Indirect Allocations   27,892 27,932 (40) (0.1%)
Transfers from Funds   (642) (739) 97 (13.1%)
Transfers to Funds   - 196 (196) (100.0%)
Expense Allocations to Capital   (2) - (2) 0.0%
Total Transfers   (644) (542) (102) 18.7%
Indirect Allocations & Debt
Indirect Allocations   (27,248) (27,389) 141 (0.5%)
Total Indirect Allocations & Debt   (27,248) (27,389) 141 (0.5%)
Net Expenditure (Revenue) After Transfers & Indirect Allocation   $- $- $- 0.0%

Variance Analysis (in thousands of dollars)

Corporate Services operated at a deficit before indirect allocations of $141. The following factors contributed to this deficit:


The unfavourable variance of $273 is primarily due to sustainment costs related to the Enhanced Financial Management System which will be offset by savings throughout the Region.


The favourable variance of $461 is primarily due to the timing of consulting on multi-year projects not being completed in 2016, as well as contract positions not being required that had been budgeted. A portion of the unspent consulting budget has been committed and is included in the 2016 encumbrances reported in Transfers to Funds.

Operational & Supply

The unfavourable variance of $47 is mainly due to costs associated with emergency repairs of the SAEO building and extension of food services contract.

Occupancy & Infrastructure

The favourable variance of $282 is a result of utilities and maintenance costs being less than budgeted due to the delay in occupancy at the new Niagara Regional Police (NRPS) headquarter facility, partially offset by unanticipated emergency repairs to a Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities (SAEO) building which are eligible for 50 per cent Provincial funding.

Equipment, Vehicles, Technology

The unfavourable variance of $398 is primarily due to higher than anticipated costs of computer software license renewals and furniture replacement related to an SAEO building which is eligible for 50 per cent Provincial funding. This variance was mitigated by lower IT Solutions expenditures in Administrative.

Financial Expenditures

The favourable variance of $20 is a result of favourable exchange rates compared to budget and lower than anticipated principal payments on printer/photocopiers.

Federal & Provincial Grants

The favourable variance of $18 is a result of higher than anticipated revenue for a funded position, partially offsetting the unfavourable variance in Compensation.

By-Law Charges & Sales

The unfavourable variance of $67 is a result of lower than anticipated rental revenue related to other occupants in Regional facilities and less legal work for external clients who now have their own in-house lawyers.

Other Revenue

The unfavourable variance of $82 is a result of not filling a funded position, offset by anticipated MicroFIT project revenues being greater than budgeted.

Transfer to Funds

The unfavourable forecasted variance of $99 related to the 2016 encumbrances.

Community Impacts & Achievements

Legal Services

  • Assisted with 19 of 30 Council priority projects while maintaining its day to day work involvement with virtually every division and ABC of the Niagara Region.
  • Dealt with 103 new real estate matters; opened 148 new agreement files; and processed approximately 225 new litigation matters including multiple lawsuit dismissals without payout by Niagara Region or its ABCs.

Construction, Energy and Facilities Management

  • The NRPS headquarters/2 District building is now occupied and functional after a successful move and grand opening event.
  • Construction commenced on the Provincial Offenses Court in Welland and is progressing on time and on budget.
  • MicroFIT installations were completed with approximately $94,000 in revenues generated from the program in 2016.

Financial Mangement and Planning

  • Completed 23 audited financial statements and schedules with clean audit opinions.
  • The Development Charge background study project is in progress with review of bylaws and stakeholder engagements. The study is to maximize revenue generating opportunities and minimize impact of growth cost on Regional taxpayers.
  • The Asset Management Plan project kicked off in September and will be presented to Council in the first quarter of 2017.
  • The 2017 budget was prepared Region-wide using the EFMS budget tool and approved by Council on December 8, 2016.

IT Solutions

  • Enhanced tools to support remote access to the mobile workforce. All corporate data and applications can now be easily and securely accessed from any location with an internet connection.
  • Web enhancements and predictive modelling automation providing more timely access to information for citizens.
  • Launch of, an innovative and collaborate approach to bring together open data from a growing community of public sector partners.

Procurement & Strategic Acquisition

  • The Real Estate group undertook the sale of a number of surplus properties including NPRS D2, NRPS HQ, as well as supported Public Works in the required acquisitions to support major roads projects in almost every community.
  • Procurement was a major contributor to the operational transition of the new EFMS/ERP system. The team also contributed heavily to new pilot project initiatives including Job Order Costing, as well as a Design Build project (Dominion Road).
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