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Water Wagon service is not guaranteed due to potential COVID-19 restrictions.

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Alcohol will be served at this event
This event will serve food or have vendors (such as food vendors, tattoo, manicure, waxing or animal exhibits)

Vendor Information

Are all vendors inspected and/or provide food from an inspected source/kitchen?

Can the event coordinator provide proof of inspection for all vendors upon Public Health request? (Please note: proof of inspection must be presented to NRPH&ES Inspectors upon request, no later than 30 days before the event occurs)

Will There be an Animal Exhibit?

Water Supply

Surface of Flooring in Vendors Booths

Services Provided to Vendors

Services and Signage

Which services would you like to request for your event?

Only the services that you select below will be requested. Double check to ensure that you have selected all of the services you require (if your event is eligible).

Road Use Permits

Any community function on the road itself, such as parade, bicycle, walkathon, Street festivities, running event, sidewalk sale, filming

Permit Fees Breakdown: $50 - $660

All costs associated with the road closure, installation / removal of signage for the detour, police presence for traffic control, public notice, or any other costs as a result of this event shall be the responsibility of the applicant and are not included in the permit fees outlined below.

Full Closure $660 This is an event that requires the complete closure of a Regional Road. Traffic movement must be diverted by a scheduled detour plan. Police must be at the event site for traffic control.
Partial Closure $300 This is a special event that requires lane closures, but allows traffic to continue in both directions. Police may be at the event site for traffic control.
Rolling Closure $275 This is a special event closure that does not require any permanent lane closures. Used mostly for small parade walks that use sidewalks only and/ or bike events that close roads for a very short period of time. All closures are contained to either one lane and monitored by police presence.
Charity Organizations $50

Permit Representatives

Paramedics (Non-medical)

Paramedics cannot guarantee attendance at your event

Describe the role paramedics will have at your event

Describe any special equipment / materials you would like the paramedics to bring

Recycling Bin Rentals

What types of recyclable / organic materials will be generated at your event?

Garbage Receptacles

We do not provide garbage receptacles. You are required to provide these for your event.

One garbage receptacle must be provided for each recycling station. A recycling station is a group of garbage and recycling containers placed together.

* Number of receptacles provided  

Requested Recycling Tools for Recycling Stations

* Indicate how many of each item you require for your event (subject to availability).

Item Quantity
65-gallon Recycling Carts

Small Blue Boxes


65-gallon Recycling Carts

65-gallon Recycling Carts


32-gallon Organic Carts

32-gallon Organic Carts


Note: If you have requested organic material collection you will be required to provide volunteer or event staffing for each recycling station.

I acknowledge I am responsible for providing my own volunteers

40-yard Roll-off Bin

40-yard Roll-off Bin


Portable Folding Recycling Containers

Portable Folding Recycling Containers


Drop-off / Pick-up Locations

* Secured Drop-off / Pick-up Location for Recycling Tools

Note: Note Only one drop-off and one collection location is included in this service. Be as specific as possible to ensure tools are delivered to correct location.

Special Event Services Guidelines and Agreement

The event organizer will be charged for all lost, stolen, damaged or broken equipment as follows:

Blue Boxes$6
Recycling Carts$134
Organics Carts$65
Portable Folding Recycling Containers$135
2' x 3' Magnetic Sign$74
Request to move Roll Off Container after placement (per round trip)$170
Materials not ready for pick up at prearranged time (per round trip)$170

For events participating in recycling (Blue Carts) and organics collection (Green Carts), the event organizer will be charged $59 per event in addition to the current landfill tip fee for contaminated material, in the following cases:

  • The return of recycling and/or organics carts that have been contaminated with unaccepted program materials
  • The return of only empty recycling and/or organics carts (service not used)

Community Outreach Booth

The Community Outreach Booth travels to events across Niagara from mid-May to the end of August. Trained students and volunteers help to increase public awareness and knowledge on specific health topics through interactive activities. Resources, giveaways and free sunscreen are available at the booth. This is no charge for the Community Outreach Booth. Event organizers can select which topics they would like at their event.

Spring / Summer 2020 Health Topics

Waste Management Booth

Promote information about Niagara's waste management program.

Water Wagon Location

The Water Wagon is a portable event drinking water service.

Clean, refreshing tap water is provided on-the-go and serves as a free, healthy and environmental option for event attendees.

Niagara Region provides this service free of charge to local area not-for-profit and charitable events, as available and suited to the service.


  • There must be level ground for the Water Wagon
  • A 15' x 42' spot is available for the Water Wagon
  • A road/pathway will be available during the event to allow the Water Wagon to be picked up, refilled and brought back to the event (if necessary)

Road Type to Event

Terms of Agreement

Check and Submit

You have requested the following services for your event(s):

    Personal Information and Privacy

    Any personal information or personal health information submitted in writing will be collected, used and disclosed by members of Regional Council and Regional staff in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the Personal Health Information Protection Act, where applicable.

    Freedom of Information

    Any information you share will be used only for the intended purpose for which it was provided. If you have any questions, email or call 905-980-6000 ext. 3779.

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