Community Dashboard

Niagara Region's Community Dashboard uses key indicators to monitor and share important information about our community and Niagara Region's programs and services. It tracks data over time, telling us what we're doing well and where more focus and attention may be needed. The dashboard groups indicators into four themes to give a snapshot of the community and Regional services.

Community well-being
Highlights the wellness and inclusiveness of our community in human and environmental health, healthcare and safety
Economy and business
Demonstrates the strength of our local economy, including development, employment and growth
Leading government
Showcases Niagara Region’s commitment to its residents through innovative fiscally-sustainable, transparent and accountable decision-making and service delivery
Visibility on the quality of life in the Region through affordability, housing and infrastructure

About the dashboard

Along with a status and graph, each indicator includes an explanation of why it matters, how it's measured, and how the Region is making progress. A "related links" section also provides more context. Future editions of the dashboard will include links to Strategic Plan initiatives, day-to-day services, programs, maps, plans and studies.

Indicator data has been pulled from a number of sources, including national municipal benchmarking data, Statistics Canada industry associations, and Niagara Region programs and services. The dashboard reinforces the Region's commitment to openness and accountability. Monitoring municipal services and community measures will help drive innovation and continuous improvement.

The dashboard is a work in progress. We'll continue to add and refine measures in the coming year to tell the story of our community and Regional services.

Provide your feedback or propose new indicators.

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