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Development Charges Reduction Program

This program provides a financial incentive to encourage development and redevelopment in central urban areas, designated exemption areas and brownfield sites.

The current Regional Development Charges By-law expires on Aug. 31, 2022. All grant programs contained within the by-law will also expire.

The Region is reviewing all Regional incentive programs which may result in changes to the current programs. Completion of this review is expected by the end of the 2021.

Project eligibility

Refund / grant of development charges (up to 50 to 100 per cent) are available if your development is:

  • Located within a designated exempt area defined by Schedule E of the Regional Development Charges By-law 98-2017
  • A long-term care home as defined by the Regional Development Charges By-law 98-2017
  • Located on a brownfield site within an urban area defined by Schedule D of the Regional Development Charges By-law 98-2017

Your project may also be eligible for a refund of the development charges if it satisfies a specific number of criteria as outlined in the program guide or is certified at any level of LEED.

Applicant information package

Hard copies of the applicant information package are also available for pick up at Niagara Region Headquarters.

Email planning and development for further information.

Other exemptions and credits

There are a number of exemptions found in provincial legislation. In addition to those, the following Regional exemptions have been included in the current Regional development charges by-law:

  • Granny flats, parking structures, non-residential agricultural use, the specific portion of a structure used as a place of worship
  • Buildings used as municipal housing project facilities - units approved by Niagara Regional Housing requiring pre-approval by Niagara Regional Housing for the exempted units

In addition there may be credits against development charges which may be related to your project:

  • Demolition credit - if an existing building is demolished and a new development is built in its place within five years
  • Conversion credit - available at time of conversion, see the Development Charges By-law for details
  • Credits are site or building specific and are non-transferrable


For more information, email the development charges team.

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