Business Licensing for Tow Trucks

A tow truck may be a:

  • Motor vehicle equipped with a boom and retractable wheel lift, or a flatbed with retractable wheel lift
  • Commercial motor vehicle used to tow or transport other motor vehicles
  • Motor vehicle that is designed, modified, configured or equipped to tow other motor vehicles

By-law No. 2021-61 licences, regulates and governs tow trucks, owners, drivers and brokers of towing businesses within Niagara.

Licence application or renewal

Apply online for a business licence or renewal. Renewals must be submitted at least 30 days before the licence expires.

Apply or renew a licence

Requirements and fees

  • Business

    Licence requirements for owner

    • All current legal documents, including:
      • Articles of incorporation
      • Legal names, including government photo identification and addresses for all directors and officers with signing authority
    • If born outside of Canada, confirmation that applicant is legally entitled to work in Canada
    • Letter outlining number of signatures required for financial and administrative items
    • Criminal record and judicial matters check obtained within 60 days
    • Certificate of Insurance confirming $5 million liability and indemnifying Niagara Region, $2 million for tow trucks, $100,000 for unowned vehicles, $100,000 for storage of vehicles
    • Current commercial vehicle operator's registration
    • Proof of certification from Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act
    • A complete list of all drivers with full names that are affiliated or will be affiliated with the applicant as their broker

    Licence requirements for yard

    • The full legal name, municipal address, email address and telephone number of each applicant
    • The municipal address of the tow yard
    • Confirmation that the applicant holds a valid tow truck broker licence
    • Certificate of Insurance confirming $5 million liability indemnifying Niagara Region
    • Correspondence from the applicable area municipality confirming zoning approval
    • Fire inspection report within two months
    • A letter from Niagara Region's Planning and Development department confirming the yard’s location conforms to the Official Plan
    • Letter from the Niagara Escarpment Commission confirming the operation does not violate the Niagara Escarpment Plan
    • A site plan that shows legal boundaries of yard, location of buildings and location of fence

    Fees for tow truck business

    • Business - $155 (no new business licences are being issued)
    • Yard - $105

    Licensed tow truck businesses

    • 2 B Tow'd
    • A Action Towing
    • Advance Towing Services
    • Allen's Towing
    • Alliance Towing
    • Anytime Towing
    • CAA Niagara
    • Country Towing
    • Dippers Towing
    • EMS Towing
    • Extreme Roadside and Recover
    • Garden City Towing Inc.
    • Hast Towing
    • Jacksons Auto Body and Wreckers
    • JNE Recovery
    • Jo's Auto Centre
    • Lakeshore Towing
    • Lampman Salvage
    • Mason's Towing
    • Metro Collision Services Inc.
    • Millers Auto Recycling (1992) Ltd.
    • Muffler Works Towing
    • Niagara Automotive
    • Niagara Peninsula Towing and Recovery
    • North End Auto Collision
    • On Route Towing
    • Parkway Towing Inc.
    • Regional Towing
    • Roadrunner Towing
    • Robbins Towing
    • S&W Towing
    • Savoie Motor Sales Inc.
    • Sid's Towing
    • SOS Towing
    • T.J. Towing
    • Tom James Towing
    • Topps Towing
    • Traffic Towing
    • Welland Towing
  • Driver

    Licence requirements

    • Two pieces of government issued identification. One piece of ID must be photo identification.
    • If born outside of Canada, confirmation that applicant is legally entitled to work in Canada, such as a Canadian passport, permanent resident card, work permit (no social insurance cards)
    • Unrestricted Class G Ontario driver's licence
    • Ministry of Transportation three-year uncertified driver's abstract obtained within 30 days
    • Criminal record and judicial matters check obtained within 60 days
    • Letter of employment from licensed broker, including confirmation of driver training
    • Colour photograph (headshot, blank background, no hats or glasses) taken within six months

    Fees for tow truck driver

    • Initial - $60
    • Renewal - $40

    Renew within 30 days of expiry.

  • Vehicle

    Licence requirements

    • Vehicle ownership
    • If leased, a copy of the lease agreement, including an authorization for the leased vehicle to be used as a tow truck
    • Certificate of Insurance confirming $2 million for tow trucks, $100,000 for towed vehicle, $100,000 for vehicle storage
    • Annual or semi annual inspection certificate

    Fees for tow trucks

    • Initial vehicle plate - $1,350
    • Renewal vehicle plate - $270
    • Vehicle plate - $270 (extra plate existing licence)
    • Initial spare plate - $650
    • Renewal spare plate - $310
    • Transfer vehicle plate - $1,350
    • Replacement vehicle plate - $12
    • Replacement vehicle - $105
    • Vehicle plate non-use status (relevant renewal rate will apply upon reactivation)

Towing rate tariff

Maximum chargeable fees may be discounted at the discretion of the licensed towing company. Auto club contract rates supersede tow rate fee tariff.

The towing tariff rates apply to standard weight tow trucks, including flatbeds unless otherwise specified. No other fees may be charged.

Service Maximum rate Notes
Accident tow $325 Includes 30 minutes of clean-up. After initial 30 minutes, clean-up is billed at $25 per 15 minute increment and 25 kilometres of towing. After initial 25 kilometres, $4 per kilometre is charged.
Breakdown tow $160 Includes 25 kilometres of towing. After initial 25 kilometres, $4 per kilometre is charged.
Vehicle recovery $75 Price per 15 minutes. After initial fee, $25 per 15 minute is billed. Includes winching.
Absorbent material $15 Billed for each bag of material used
Extra truck $25 Billed in 15 minute intervals
Debris disposal $100 Flat rate
Dollies $75 Flat rate
Lock-out $75 Unlocking vehicle
Tire change $75 Per tire changed
Boost $75 Boosting the battery
Fuel delivery $75 Flat rate, plus cost of fuel
Modified vehicle tow $100 Extra charge due to modifications to the vehicle height, width, ground clearance or length
Burned vehicle tow $100 Extra charge for cleanup of equipment and yard surface
Second / subsequent accident tow $150 Fee charged for each location the vehicle is towed after being removed from the licensed yard
Wait time $25 Billed in 15 minute intervals
Per kilometre tow rate $4 Per kilometre
Medium duty tow truck $50 Fee added to accident tow or breakdown tow due to weight of vehicle being towed
Heavy tow truck $750 Per hour. Minimum two hour charge. After two hours, billed at $187.50 per 15 minute increment.

Storage fees

Service Rate Notes
Outdoor vehicle storage $60 Per calendar day of vehicle storage
Indoor vehicle storage $75 Per calendar day of vehicle storage
Heavy vehicle storage $100 Per calendar day of heavy vehicle storage
After hours gate fee $75 After hours access to vehicle in storage yard. Fee is for up to one hour of access.
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