Best Practice Spotlight Organizations

Designated by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Being a designate speaks to our commitment to ensure we are utilizing best practices in our everyday work.

Best Practice Spotlight Organizations are healthcare and academic organizations selected by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario to implement and evaluate best practice guidelines.

It's a dynamic partnership that focuses on making a positive impact on patient care through evidence-based practice.

Best practice guidelines are important to our work as they:

  • Make it easier to bring evidence to our practice
  • Provide a process for assessing what we currently do and eliminating practices that are not evidence-based
  • Create an environment that promotes clinical excellence and quality assurance
  • Result in better outcomes for clients and employees
  • Empower staff to collaborate, be informed and make the best decisions in the workplace
  • Guidelines that have been implemented
    • Person and family centred care
    • Developing and sustaining nursing leadership
    • Preventing and addressing abuse and neglect of older adults: person centered, collaborative, system-wide approaches
    • Assessment and management of the stage one to four pressure ulcers
    • Assessment and management of pain
    • Integrating tobacco interventions into daily practice
    • Breastfeeding best practice guidelines for nurses
    • Interventions for postpartum depression
    • Primary prevention of childhood obesity
    • Promoting and supporting the initiation, exclusivity, and continuation of breastfeeding for newborns, infants, and young children
    • Woman abuse: screening, identification and initial response
    • Working with families to promote safe sleep for infants 0-12 months of age
  • Goals
    • Equip our nurses with the tools and knowledge of the best practice guidelines
    • Provide career growth opportunities
    • Use the best evidence to advocate for our clients and residents, while enhancing outcomes and defending nursing practice with evidence
    • Implement best practice guidelines, including tools, processes and structure to enhance quality health outcomes in Niagara
    • Develop accurate data and analysis which will measure and demonstrate improvements and change
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