Regional Council seeking public input on Code of Conduct

Niagara Regional Council is asking residents for input as part of a review of its Code of Conduct. 

Residents can participate in a number of ways:

  • ​Attend a public meeting to be held April 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Regional headquarters
  • Complete a survey at
  • Provide written submissions

At the public meeting, Interim Integrity Commissioner John Mascarin will be on hand to outline the legislative framework of the Code of Conduct, current proposed legislative changes and other relevant information.

Those wishing to make a presentation at the public meeting are encouraged to register in advance by sending an email to  To be accepted, presentations and comments must avoid references to specific individuals or complaints, and should relate to one or more of the following areas:

  • General principles and contents of the Code
  • Application of the Code for staff, citizens and councillors
  • Frivolous complaints
  • Use of digital/social media
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Processes and procedures
  • Penalties

Written submissions can be submitted via or by mail to Regional Clerk, Niagara Region, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, P.O. Box 1042, Thorold, Ontario L2V 4T7.   Deadline for submissions is April 18, 2017.

Residents are encouraged to read the existing Code in its entirety prior to providing their input.

The Code outlines how Regional Councillors should conduct themselves in carrying out their responsibilities.  It establishes ethical standards that must be followed by all Regional Councillors. 

Role of the Integrity Commissioner

Regional Council appointed an Interim Integrity Commissioner in late 2016.  Niagara will be seeking to make a permanent appointment later this year.  The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for investigating complaints related to the Code. 

Penalties for Contravening the Code

If the Integrity Commissioner investigates a complaint and determines that a Regional Councillor has not followed the Code, a report will be provided to Regional Council which may include recommended penalties.  Regional Council will consider the report and may impose penalties which are limited by the Municipal Act, 2001 to either a reprimand or suspension of pay for a period of up to 90 days.


Jason Tamming
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3371

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