Integrated Community Planning

The Integrated Community Planning Department contains five divisions that serve Niagara residents in several different ways. Contact us with any questions you may have.

The Five Areas of Integrated Community Planning

  • Community and Corporate Planning
    Community and Corporate Planning works with partners and community groups to lead or support planning initiatives in the region. Economic, social and cultural projects are often the focus.

    This group regularly seeks input on their projects from a wide range of public groups. This important feedback helps ensure long-term community success.

  • Corporate Communications
    Corporate Communications staff provide timely and accurate information to residents about Regional programs and services and issues of interest to them as taxpayers.

    Staff also conduct research to collect feedback from residents and other stakeholders in order to develop effective communications programs, which include a wide range of print and online products.

  • Emergency Management Organization
    The Emergency Management Organization provides leadership in the development, maintenance and growth of emergency readiness in Niagara.

    The Emergency Management Organization's goal is to ensure emergency planning activities are developed with an integrated approach, and in partnership neighbouring communities.

  • Office of the Regional Clerk
    The Office of the Regional Clerk is in charge of creating Council and committee documents, providing procedural advice and managing legal requirements. The clerk's office also prepares by-laws and communicates council's decisions.

    The Office of the Regional Clerk operates the Corporate Records Program, which is responsible for keeping all official documents and processing Freedom of Information requests.
  • Regional Policy Planning
    Regional Policy Planning is responsible for ensuring that the Regional Policy Plan appropriately reflects Regional Council's social, environmental, economic, climate change and land use development priorities.

    This group works with area municipalities, other planning agencies throughout the Region and at the Provincial Government level to develop and implement Regional Planning Policy.

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